RE: [greenstone-users] Greenstone and perl

DateThu, 18 Dec 2003 17:05:26 +0000
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Greenstone and perl
Hi John

Hmmmm, I don't want to look like I'm creating problems for the sake of it but, just for the hell of it as much as any other reason, I tried installing 2.41 by choosing the compile option of the Install script and the following error was displayed:

making all in isis-gdl
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/httpd/gsdl/packages/isis-gdl'
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `all'. Stop.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/httpd/gsdl/packages/isis-gdl'
make[1]: *** [all] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/httpd/gsdl/packages'
make: *** [all] Error 1
--> [cd /home/tomj/greenstone_dists/gsdl-2.41-unix/Unix]
ERROR: Compilation failed

I then looked through the mailing list and found several issues associated with my linux distro and some of the tools included with it ( RH9 inc. perl 5.8.0, gcc 3.2.2, wget 1.8.2 ). Based on what I have found in the mailing list archive, I have tried the following to alleviate the problem:

1) tried the "chmod a+x on <gsdl>/src/packages/configure" fix
as mentioned by Michael Dewsnip in
[ Greenstone Linux 2.41 release: compiling from source ]
Tue Dec 16 14:40:21

2) isis-gdl fix for gcc >3.0
as mentioned in Compiling Greenstone help document

both times I get the same error message. I have also ensured that gdbm-devel-1.8.0 installed.

To put this into perspective though, I can do a binary install with no problems so the above is *not* a show stopper for me. Just thought you might appreciate the feedback :-)