[greenstone-users] Skills, advice, tutorials, presentations, etc.

From Tammy K. Baker
DateWed Aug 6 08:45:38 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Skills, advice, tutorials, presentations, etc.
Greetings Greenstone People,

I may taking a job at site which has a digital repository based on Greenstone. My main question is what types of knowledge and/or skills should I acquire to work with the Greenstone digital library system.

I'm fluent in HTML and I've digitized things into image or PDF formats; I've also used optical character recognition software with scanners. I've attended metadata workshops (but need to work on getting up to speed with XML).

I found the GreenstoneWiki which includes tutorial exercises (that looks like a good start) and I saw quite an impressive list of library "Examples" from Greenstone's main website.

So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any specific skills or abilities I should have when working with Greenstone (or any digital library system) as far as installing, developing, customizing, adding records, and maintaining?

I'm also wondering if anyone has posted any tutorials (outside of the Greenstone website) or presentations that I could look at.

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!


Tammy K. Baker