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DateTue, 17 Dec 2002 12:00:20 +0930
Subject Re: Brackets in the Title

Hi Trudi,

I am a newbie with greenstone, and I don't really understand it properly yet, but I just tried with a small collection I have (10 docs, external metadata.xml file on a win2000 pc)

I was able to get the square brackets in my title by using backslash as the escape character.

This is the line from my metadata.xml file

      <Metadata name="Title">Services 1[services one]</Metadata>

This seemed to work for me.



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Subject: Brackets in the Title

My collection consists of html documents configured to index the first line as the Title and allow browsing Titles A-Z.

Some titles which are translations of the original text are entered in square brackets eg. [Insect pests of pulses], as is the cataloguing convention.

While this text displays correctly in the document it appears that in the Titles A-Z list none of the text in square brackets displays. If I use /[/ the text appears in the A-Z list but the '/' characters then appear in the document which looks peculiar.

Is there some other way to get text in square bracket to display in the Titles A-Z list?

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