[greenstone-users] Problem compiling from src - javagdbm on OSX

From Scott Nicolson
DateTue Nov 4 13:15:58 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Problem compiling from src - javagdbm on OSX
Hello all,

I'm a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh, and I'm trying to
get Greenstone 3 running on my Intel Mac in OSX. Where I'm getting stuck is
when ant tries to compile javagdbm. It keeps saying this:

[exec] configure: error: not found in $JAVA_HOME
[exec] checking for the JDK...
[exec] Result: 1

However, I have set $JAVA_HOME to the correct path to Java on OSX. I've set
it over and over again. There's no logical reason (AFAIK) why it can't find
the JDK. I've searched the archives and the web and I can't find any help.

Any ideas or assistance would be much appreciated.
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