Re: How do I specify an internal http link across document

From desiree' simon
DateWed, 4 Sep 2002 13:16:56 -0400
Subject Re: How do I specify an internal http link across document
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thanks for your suggestions. Actually let me more specific
about the trechnical issue here:

I have chemistry HTML tutorial I wish to include in a collection for the
School. There are
example text files which are linked to the nain files via URL. I wish to
include these
in the collection without having to process them. That is to say I place
them in the
import directory but do not wish for greenstone to process the example files
perhaps recognizing the internal link to these files.

The problems are two fold.

1. greenstone are process the files (example_xx.txt files)
2. The original functioning links now fail with the error indicated earlier

I will now try your approach but have 1 concern. Does using the
-nolink HTMLPlug option means that images will not be moved
the assoc directory. Then you will U have to move the graphics content
outside greenstone?

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Subject: Re: How do I specify an internal http link across document

> > desiree' simon wrote:
> > I want to be able to http-link one internal document to another.
> > when I edit the html docs to include links of the forms:
> >
> > 1. href=http://gsdl/collect/science/import/page.html
> >
> > or realtive link
> >
> > 2. "href="examples/page/page.html"
> >
> > I am getting the error message
> >
> > "For reasons beyond our control the internal link you specify does not
> > exist".
> > Questions:
> >
> > given two documents page_1.html and page_2.html. How do I
> > specify an internal URL linking page_1 to pape_2?
> Hi,
> I can think of a couple of things to try:
> 1)
> href=http://gsdl/collect/science/import/page.html
> this won't work as it is looking for an internet server named "gsdl"
> and then /collect on that server. You could try
> href="/gsdl/collect/science/import/page.html"
> but I don't think it's a good idea to link to the import directory.
> Greenstone can handle internal links...
> 2) If you really want to give hard-coded links, edit your collect.cfg
> file so that for HTMLPlug you include a certain option, like:
> plugin HTMLPlug -nolinks
> This means that greenstone won't do any interpretation of the links
> and they will be displayed exactly as they are in the source documents.
> 3) You could use the "-file_is_url" option to HTMLPlug as above.
> This is normally used when building a collection from a web mirror,
> so the file might be called ""
> etc. Internal links work for collections I've built when I mirrored
> some of our university pages...
> I don't know if it will work in your situation though. Let the list
> know if it does!
> Hope this helps,
> John McPherson