[greenstone-users] Multiple users updating a collection

From David Siebörger
DateThu, 14 Jun 2007 23:01:07 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Multiple users updating a collection

I'm a system administrator, so while I'm not too familiar with the
librarian concepts in Greenstone, I've become involved in a
recently-started Greenstone project. I'd appreciate any advice from
those more experienced in Greenstone on a question that's been
troubling me.

A number of users are gathering and cataloguing content in the project.
Up until now, they've each had a complete installation of Greenstone
2.72 on their Windows PCs, and been using local GLI to work on their
separate collections. Now the team would like to make the entire
collection available on the web, so I've setup a dedicated web server
for them. They all still need to continue adding content, though, and
I'm not sure what the best way to support that is.

The cataloguers' idea is to continue working on their own collections,
and copy the collections to the web server once a week. However, that
becomes complicated because the GDBM files from their Windows PCs have
to be converted with db2txt/txt2db before they work on the FreeBSD web

My first idea was to have a single collection on the web server, which
they could use Remote GLI to update -- but it seems only one person may
have the collection open at a time. (As a matter of interest, would
Greenstone 3 be better in that respect? I'm told that there's a
particular feature that they need that's not yet available in
Greenstone 3 so we couldn't convert at the moment.)

My current idea is to move their individual collections to the web
server (going through the GDBM conversion once) and then the
cataloguers can all use Remote GLI to work on their own collections
simultaneously. We should then be able to use an overall collection
with the "supercollection" option to allow web users to search across
all the collections.

Is any of what I've said incorrect? Does anyone foresee any problems
with my approach, or can anyone suggest a better method?


David Siebörger
System Administrator, IT Division, Rhodes University