[greenstone-users] Re: Possible bug in 2.85 on Windows XP

From Greenstone Team
DateTue May 1 17:32:23 2012
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Possible bug in 2.85 on Windows XP
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Hi Diego,

When I try out 2.85, "c=demo&a=q&fqf=TI&t=0&q=210&ifl=1" does not crash
the server (yet), but if I subsequently click on the Titles classifier
and then click on the Farming Snails 2 document it crashes server.exe.

Sadly, the current SVN version of GS2 is broken so I have to hunt down
the bug there first and fix it before I can tell you what's going on
with the ifl argument.

I'll get back to you when I have more information,

On 27/04/12 02:40, Diego Spano wrote:
> Hi team.
> Running a search in a collection indexed with mgpp and with the "ifl"
> (I feel lucky) argument makes server.exe and library.cgi to crash. It
> only happens qhen I use numbers in the query string, i.e.:
> c=docs&a=q&fqf=TI&t=0&q=210&ifl=1
> This query for "210" on Title index makes server.exe to crah, but if I
> cut off the ifl argument, it works ok.
> It makes me remember something similar tha ocurred in v2.83 that cause
> that users have to download an patch
> (http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/2.83_Release_Notes#Known_Issues_and_Patches).
> In that version, when you query number you had the same problem and it
> was solved with the patch.
> May be the same problem here?
> Thans a lot.
> Diego