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From Belanger, Arthur
DateThu May 10 00:51:30 2012
Subject [greenstone-devel] RE: Federated/Metasearch
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You can use the "supercollection" function in Greenstone documented in the Bibliography supplement example collection:

Additional information is available here:

Hope this helps.

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Subject: [greenstone-devel] Federated/Metasearch

Dear Katherine,

Could you please check this and let me know how to achieve the following.


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Dear Katherine,

We use GSDL for managing our internal repositories.

We have created some databases/Collections in GSDL like internal publications, presentations, Expert profiles etc.

Please let me know how to achieve a federated/meta search on the different collections that we have in GSDL.

Idea is to have a single keyword search facility that lists relevent documents from all the different collections/databases within GSDL.