Re: [greenstone-users] collection specific macro and plugin folders

From Stefan Boddie
DateSat, 3 May 2003 15:48:48 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] collection specific macro and plugin folders
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> I am trying to find documentation how customise collections with the
> 'macros' and, the 'perllib/plugins' directories(folders) withing those
> collections files.

The collection-specific perllib/plugins directory should work fine. That is,
the greenstone building code will look there for a plugin before looking in
the general gsdl/perllib/plugins directory (so if you had an in
both places the collection-specific version would be used).

The collection-specific macros directory on the other hand is useless for
the general greenstone distribution. This directory is only used by
collection-specific receptionists (receptionist is the fancy term we like to
use for the greenstone run-time system --- i.e. the library cgi binary). To
create a collection-specific receptionist you need to alter the C++ code
slightly and recompile.