Re: [greenstone-devel] Newbie Problems

From Stefan Boddie
DateSat, 3 May 2003 16:58:20 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Newbie Problems
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> I finally have Greenstone running on a Windows 2000
> Server with IIS. However, I am having lots of
> problems. Maybe if someone can answer the following
> questions it would help:
> 1) When I build use The Collector it says my .doc and
> .rtf files contain no data. .pdf and http work fine.
> How do I fix it?

I'd suggest you build your collections from the command line rather than
from the collector. The collector is ok for simple collections and as long
as nothing goes wrong. For more complex collections and for situations where
things aren't working as expected you're better building from the command
line. This way you get much more detailed feedback on any problems. See the
greenstone developer's guide for details on how to build a collection from
the command line.

> The rest are look and feel questions:
> 2) I want to keep the that came with the
> original installation but I want to delete the
> squiggly line. Where do I delete it from?

Look for the definition of the GSDL Error

macro in gsdl/macros/ and
change it to something like the following (i.e. remove the reference to

GSDL Error

GSDL Error


There may also be some page-specific versions of the GSDL Error

macro that
need altering in the same way (e.g. in and

> 3) I have modified the gsdlhead.gif I found in the
> image directory so it changed the home page but not
> the other pages. How do I find multiple images?

Um, I don't quite follow you. Can you explain further?

> 4) I want to change _textaboutgreenstone_ (from the
> file) or replace it. Where do I find this
> document? and if that is not possible how do I replace
> it with my own?

_textaboutgreenstone_ is a text macro. The english version is defined in and other language versions are defined in, etc.


> Your patience is greatly appreciated!!
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