Re: [greenstone-users]

From John R. McPherson
DateTue, 13 May 2003 11:03:31 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users]
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lenocifullservice wrote:
> How i can put my collection on internet?
> Thanks, nicola leni

You need a webserver running that is configured to serve up
greenstone pages. You can use apache on linux, mac os x and
windows, or on windows only you could instead use IIS/PWS
or the limited webserver version of greenstone.
This is described in detail in the Greenstone Installation manual,
which you can download (in various languages) from

Then, assuming there are no firewall or other networking problems,
anyone on the internet can connect to your webserver.
I would recommend using apache as it is the most widely used
webserver and probably has the better security track record.

John McPherson