[greenstone-users] Re: mgpp and collectionmeta associated problem

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 19 May 2003 09:07:48 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: mgpp and collectionmeta associated problem
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you need to add the following line to the collect.cfg file

collectionmeta .Title,Author,Creator,Abstract,Date,Journal,Department  "documents"

Note there is a . (dot) in front of the title, author bit, and the Title,Author... bit should be exactly the same as the index specification.


Shivaram wrote:

Hello list We are building bibliographic collection using GSDL 2.39, for this we are
using 'mgpp' as build type. Our input files are in 'refer' format, Since we
know the metadata fields to be indexed, we have specified the required
fields in the 'indexes' attribute in the collect.cfg to avoid construction
of unnecessary indexes (if 'metadata' is specified). We have not specified
any default index. Relevant portion from our collect.cfg reads as follows:

buildtype mgpp
groupesize 500
indexes Title,Author,Creator,Abstract,Date,Journal,Department

We have configured Booleanform search as default search form. Now we are
able to get all required fields in the dropdown menu in the Booleanform
search page, but the problem is, it is displaying _ta_ collectionmeta in the
first line of search form, which we don't want to display. The displayed
line is:

'Search _ta_ and display results in ranked/natural order'

Instead we want to get 'Search documents and display results in
ranked/natural order'

What should be specified in 'collectionmeta' attribute to get the desired

Thanks in Advance

Shivaram B. S