Re: [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS duplicate removal

From Michael Dewsnip
DateWed, 10 Jan 2007 16:11:17 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS duplicate removal
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As Sreekumar points out, you can't delete records from a CDS/ISIS
database when building "as is" (unless you edit the database in your
CDS/ISIS program). However, if you explode the database you get a ".nul"
file for each record, and you can just delete the ".nul" files for the
duplicate records. (Editing the collection archives isn't such a good
idea because they will be replaced when you next rebuild the collection).


Michael wrote:

>Dear Sh. Sridhara,
>If you have built the Greenstone collection directly from FDT,MST and XRF
>files (i.e., by 'as is process'), you may not be able to selectively
>delete duplicate records. You can however delete item(s) from the
>collection if you have built through the exploding proces.
>You can locate the collection items at "greenstonecollectcollection
>namearchives" as "HASH***.dir" files. You will also need to delete the
>corresponding entries in the "archives.inf" setup registry.
>Best wishes,
>Greenstone Support for South Asia
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>>>Subject: [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS duplicate removal
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>>>Dear friends/collegues,
>>>I imported cds/isis bibliographic files to gsdl 2.72, .Is it possible
>>>to remove duplicate records from gsdl after imported from cds/isis.
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