Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP (2.71 build problem)

From jens wille
DateThu, 11 Jan 2007 08:42:03 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP (2.71 build problem)
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hi michael!

Michael Dewsnip [11.01.2007 01:07]:
> I've tried to reproduce this problem here but have been unable to
> do so.
well, that's too bad ;-) however, it did work for me on my linux box
(same greenstone version), only the windows version seems to have
that problem.

> How big are your collections, and what type of documents do they
> contain?
about 1.000 html documents.

> Any unusual encodings?
nope, not that i know of.

> Does the problem go away if you make the collection smaller?
i'm currently building with about 40 documents, i'll let you know
what the outcome was.