[greenstone-devel] Re: late hours' of one student

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 20 May 2003 09:42:06 +1200
Subject [greenstone-devel] Re: late hours' of one student
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hi roman

I am sending this to the developers list because I dont know the answers to these questions, and someone else may have some idea.

For point 1, have you tried exporting using gs version 2.39? mgpp didn't work properly under windows in earlier versions.

For point 3, I haven't been able to try using IE 5.0 - what problems are you experiencing with that browser? is it the same as before, that non latin characters aren't being encoded properly?

I hope that someone else can help you more,

roman chyla wrote:

> Hi Katherine,
> I am writing to you instead of devel or users because I think that
> devels are unhappy reading complains in conference. There are few
> things you probably do not know about your mgpp (or probably I should
> know how to do it better)
> 1. collection built as mgpp and exported is not working (v2.35) - I
> can see list of classifiers but I can not search --> windows message
> "This application (server.exe) caused.....fatal error and will be
> closed"
> 2.installer of exported collection is a strange one (the only
> collection I installed with it was demo - with difficulties -
> uninstall is not working at all - I know that uninstaller worked
> sometimes , but not now - And i think it should work even though
> there is a mess in registry ; As noone answered my questions I did
> not write new installer - because i do not know for what is the
> win32s directory content; i used the two-in-one installer instead) -
> did you see nsis?
> (nsis.sf.net)
> 3.I am afraid that the new mgpp search form is not working in IE 5.0;
> you wrote that you believed it to work in all browsers. Is the
> problem in windows 98? (please consider different way how to do it-
> i.e. Google has advanced form, utf8 as encoding, and must work with
> many browsers - and use no Javascript) - my installer detects OS and
> replaces query.dm with my query.dm, but i think that this is problem
> of browser - should I find ie version instead of os?
> 4.this is not only for mgpp -I will describe one collection - it is
> public electronic journal, articles in one number share one directory
> with images; there are 6 numbers of magazine - the total count of
> images is less than 2.000, but after i finished import there were
> 9154 gif files left in archives (import files are about 90 MB, built
> collection is about 75 MB - but actually occupies more space than
> original because of number of allocation units - 300% in 40GB HDD
> FAT32)
> I tried -rename_assoc_files
> I would like to suggest something - I can imagine that import stores
> images in one directory for all archive files; if you hash image's
> path (or better image's weight - content) you will be able store them
> in one place, overwriting the same - I think this will slow import
> but makes the real archive from your collections; not the duplicates
> of existing ones
> Any help is appreciated (even though for my collection it is late) -
> I wish you the best; your software is what it announce to be -
> Digital Library. How to say that I admire your work?
> well friends, you are good
> my apologies if I am too personal
> roman
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