[greenstone-users] help with wrapper files

From steve.brophy@altarum.org
DateTue, 6 May 2003 09:29:07 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] help with wrapper files

I'm trying to set up html wrapper files for some older pdf files which
only contain a title and some scanned images. The idea is to type the
abstract into the html file to provide some search text, and have a link
to the pdf file.

My problem is how to make the pdf file visible to the wrapper but not to
have the pdf file also included as its own document. The closest I've
gotten so far is to put the "image-only" pdf files in a subdirectory
'import_assoc'. Then used relative links to these from the html wrapper
files, and set these plugin options:

plugin HTMLPlug -assoc_files pdf
plugin RecPlug -block_expr import_assoc

This worked to get the wrapper documents into the collection with working
links. But also still added the pdf documents into the collection. (I
didn't remove the PDFPlug in order for it to process the newer PDF files
which don't need wrappers).

Is this on the right track?

I also considered adding the abstract text using the metadata.xml file,
but didn't know what metadata name to store it under so that it will get
searched with regular document text, rather than as a separate metadata

Steve Brophy

Altarum, Ann Arbor MI