[greenstone-users] (sin asunto)

From ANABEMORA@telefonica.net
DateTue Apr 29 03:51:54 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] (sin asunto)
Hi everybody,

I wouldn't like to punish members' list again but I've got no choice.

I built my collection with html files, all of them are complete documents, no sections. I used MGPP for indexation, but I'm having troubles to retrieve info.

Example: I have 42 docs with the same heading term in the field "Subject". I have created another index based on a field called "Term of contract" with three values: "In force", "Expired", "Modified". Well, when I use certain boolean search with several fields I get right results using Lucene index engine ( 34 items) but using MGPP I get an error (33). I have checked metadata values added to docs and everything seems to be OK. Does anybody have an idea about what happens?

Thanks in advance,

Ana B. Mora



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