Re: Mutliple user stylesheets - please read

From Stefan Boddie
DateThu, 4 Jul 2002 12:18:16 +1200
Subject Re: Mutliple user stylesheets - please read
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> Just a quick query. I noticed on the greenstone site you have a
> page that allows a user to set up presentation and search preferences.
> However these setting are not permenant and only last for the session. I
> thinking of creating an extension to greenstone where each user will have
> profile which will contain their personal stylesheet, thus enabling their
> perferences to be permanent. However I think with this approach you need a
> seperate server to deal with each user. What would I need to change to
> accomplish this? Is it possible with the way greenstone is implemented?
> ideas?
> I would really appreciate any comments

Doing this would involve storing the user preferences (i.e. all the cgi
arguments associated with a user) on the server. If you have a close look at
collectoraction.cpp you'll notice that the collector does exactly that. It
does it for a different reason (because all the collector arguments become
too long to be passed around in the URL) but the concept is the same.

So, it probably wouldn't be difficult to extend this to work for the entire
system - would take a bit of C++ hacking however. There'd also be a few
complications like the fact that some arguments are collection-specific and
so shouldn't be stored with a users profile (to do this properly you should
extend the cgiarginfo class so that arguments can be specified as being