From Stefan Boddie
DateFri, 19 Jul 2002 10:39:07 +1200
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Hi Doug,

The old GreenstoneDirectoryMetadata stuff was a mistake that was fixed a
while ago (RecPlug should now be able to cope with either
GreenstoneDirectoryMetadata or the more correct DirectoryMetadata).

I believe this change was in the 2.38 release, not sure about 2.37
though. What version of Greenstone are you running?

If it helps, the offending piece of code is the Doctype subroutine in
gsdl/perllib/plugins/ The correct version of the subroutine

sub Doctype {
my ($expat, $name, $sysid, $pubid, $internal) = @_;
die if ($name !~ /^(Greenstone)?DirectoryMetadata$/);


> Doug James wrote:
> In order for IE to browse the metadata.xml files, it appears the
> doctype line must read as follows:
> <!DOCTYPE DirectoryMetadata SYSTEM
> "">
> But in order for the Collector to use the file properly, this line has
> to read:
> <!DOCTYPE GreenstoneDirectoryMetadata SYSTEM
> "">
> Is there a problem with my configuration, or do others have this
> problem? The ability to open these files in an XML browser (such as
> IE) really simplifies troubleshooting the files as opposed to trying
> to read XML and find the missing ">"...
> Thanks in advance...
> Doug James
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