Re: [greenstone-users] dif between titles & filenames..

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 13 Aug 2004 10:15:49 -0600
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] dif between titles & filenames..
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Browsing classifiers are constructed based on a particular metadata -
the titles one on Title metadata, the filenames one on Source metadata.
Every document will get Source metadata assigned, so all documents will
appear in the filenames list. An attempt will be made to get Title
metadata for each document. But if the document ends up with no Title
metadata, then it will not appear in the titles list. For documents that
have no extracted Title, you can assign eg dublin core Title metadata,
then build the classifier on both metadata, and all documents should
show up in the list. (To use both kinds of Titles in the titles a-z
list, edit the classifier specification in design/browsing classifiers,
and put dc.Title,Title into the metadata field.)

Katherine Don

Siddharth Nair wrote:

>is there a difference between the titlesA-Z and filenames tabs on the menu..
>asking because some of the files i uploaded (esp txt) cannot be seen in
>the titles list, but appear in the filename list..
>thanks in advance..
>btw- couldnt this forum be an online bb???
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