PDF & Re: [greenstone-users] metadata from a file

From keiko
DateWed, 15 Sep 2004 06:03:44 +0800
Subject PDF & Re: [greenstone-users] metadata from a file
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Hi Michael,

Thank you, I could import all metadata from prepared file by the way you
gave me.

Next my question is how I can refer inside html file generated from pdf.

Each pdf file consists of a contents list(text) and jpg files of each page.
pfd2html generates each data and link from chapter in contents list to
that page
using anchar_name(<a name=xxx>) . I would like to refer chapter name and
specific page image in formatting. Is there some way to referee? or
Should I prepare separated data like demo collection?

Thank you for your help always.

Michael Dewsnip wrote:

>Hi Keiko,
>The problem here is that the GLI does not work well with metadata.xml files
>it has not created itself. All the metadata values that have been assigned
>are stored in files in the collection's "metadata" folder -- and the
>GLI uses these to display the metadata.
>The good news is that the GLI metadata code is being rewritten to fix this
>(and other problems). The next release of Greenstone (not sure when) will
>contain this new code.
>Until then, one way around this problem is to create a new collection in
>the GLI, choose the Dublin Core metadata set, and drag the contents of the
>old collection's "import" folder into the new collection. The metadata you
>have specified in the metadata.xml file should come too.
>All the best,

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