metadata only collections and formatting strings

DateFri, 6 Dec 2002 13:25:58 +0930
Subject metadata only collections and formatting strings


Does anyone know if it is possible to use greenstone for metadata only.
I have no source documents - I will transtlate my metadata into the metadata.xml format for recplug to process.

If I do metadata.xml without a filename it fails to add any records - I suppose I shoudn't be surprised.

I am trying to work out the correct solution, I can solve this with a dummy document with non-word data - but I feel that is a waste of space and the incorrect solution. (I have tried searching the list and the documentation/source but to no avail)

My other thing is I am interested in how greenstone creates it's default 'format' strings;  I want to modify the default one for 'AZCompactList'.


Stephen De Gabrielle

NTU Library

AraDA Project