[greenstone-users] about "HList" format feature

From Alexander_k
DateFri May 9 18:20:34 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] about "HList" format feature
I am graduate of the University of Corfu, Greece (Archive and Library Science section)
and I'm builbing a digital library with material from the National Gallery of Athens, for geting the degree.

I have completed the work in a big part, but i would like to ask something that i could not find.
It is about the statement HList in the format features. With the default syntax it is "[link][highlight][ex.Title][/highlight][/link]" and In the browser it appears like a link "[A-Z][0-9]".
I would like to change it from [A-Z][0-9] for example, to [A-Z][A-?], so that the second part will be the letters of the greek alphabet, expanded.
I am using the 2.80 edition of the software.

I don't know if it is possible, but it is the last thing that remains!

In case it cannot be, is there a way to change the "[0-9]" part, or all of it with something else? and how?

Thank you beforehand,
University of Corfu

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