[greenstone-users] (no subject)

From Paul G. Garcia Jr.
DateFri Oct 1 21:37:28 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] (no subject)
Dear Fellow Greenstoners,

Good day!
The previous issue I posted about the crashing server was solved with the
help of sir Diego. [Thanks sir]

I have another issue though but I guess its not related to the previous
issue. I used Dublin Core to assign meta data, MGPP indexer, and default
DESIGN settings or values.

Under design tab at the GLI, I clicked DESIGN tab, then Search Indexes. I
have more than 3 assigned indexes such as dc.author, dc.Article title and
dc. Journal title. Now I'd like to include these 3 things in the search
index by doing the following:
I went to CREATE tab, and did complete Build Collection, however, when I
do a preview, not all search indexes are showing in my search drop down
list. What is appearing is only two [text] & [author]. I don't see
[Article title] and [Journal title] as set by me.

I did try to remove and re-add these index but still to no avail. I
thought it could be fixed by the problem of putting the fixes (as
discussed above) but still no effect.

What possible other solutions do I need?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Paul Garcia Jr. G.