[greenstone-users] Problems linking to document from search page

From pavendano@seaturtle.ca
DateFri, 01 Sep 2006 16:19:12 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Problems linking to document from search page
We are having a problem with searching our documents. We have created
a database of pictures, with metadata, and when we browse, the
[link][icon][/link] defined in our defined CL1Vlist Format Feature
takes us to the document (image and metadata) as it should. However,
the same code in the format feature for our SearchVList results in a
"page not found" error when clicking on the same icon. I have tried
making these two format features identical, and the result is the same
-- an error when linking from my search results page, but not when
linking from the browse results page.

We are not programmers and have done our best to investigate this
problem on our own, but it seems beyond us. Any help or advice would
be much appreciated.



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