[greenstone-users] How To Ask Questions The Smart Way Was: (no subject)

From Stuart A Yeates
DateFri, 10 Oct 2003 11:37:27 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] How To Ask Questions The Smart Way Was: (no subject)
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Anandh Jayaraman wrote:
> Hi all,
> When I tried to build collection (in both way thru "cmd" prompt and thru
> webbrowser), at the time of "importing" my system hangs on.
> First i thought it's because of the data size (1 GB). Then i reduced
> the size step by step. But still im facing the problem even for 100 mb
> data.
> can anyone of u help me in this?

Hello Anandh

We can almost certainly help you with the problem, but not with the
amount of information you have given us about it. Useul information you
could give us would include:

(1) the operating system you are using (Windows Me/ Windows 95/ Linux/
MacOs/ etc)

(2) some indication of the nature of the data you're trying to import
(a) the file format (doc/pdf/ps/bib/html/avi/etc)
(b) the language of the text in the documents (English/ German/ Chinese/
etc) and
(c) whether the data is in a few large files or many small files

(3) the version of greenstone you are using

(4) the commandline you are using

(5) the last line that appears on the screen before it hangs

(6) some indication of how long you waited to verify that greenstone had
actually hung

Each of these give us some chance of helping you. If you want more
information on how to get help on the greenstone mailing list (and
indeed, help on any open source project), I strongly recommend Eric
Raymond and Rick Moen's "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" article at:


I hope this helps
stuart yeates