[greenstone-users] OAI Document Download Server Requirements

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Jun 8 18:00:15 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] OAI Document Download Server Requirements
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Brad Rhoads wrote:
> I was excited to see that in the Greenstone OAI import there's a get
> document checkbox. The OAI-PMH standard only addresses metadata, not
> the transfer of the actual document. So my questions is what is are
> the requirments for Greenstone to be able to download a document? My
> guess is that it needs a URL to the document in the dc.identifier
> field. Is that correct? Any other details?

I just tried doing a get document the way I tested it last time. If you
will try the following out for yourself then maybe it will give you
further ideas as to what to do in your particular circumstances.

Start GLI, go to the Download Panel. Then select "OAI" on the left.

If you're behind a firewall, press the "Configure Proxy..." button and
configure you're proxy settings, because the following OAI server we're
going to try may require this in your case as well.

Next, before downloading, test the server by pressing the "Server
Information" button. See if it says something useful in the window
(instead of error messages like unable to access the server or something
like that).

Finally, would you try filling in the fields in the OAI download panel
as follows:

- Source URL: http://www.alexandria.unisg.ch/EXPORT/OAI/server.oai
- Metadata prefix: oai_dc
- Restrict to set: journal_paper
- Tick the "Get document" option
- Tick the "Max records" option and set this to 1 or 2.

Press the "Download" button.

You may want to press the "View Log" button in the download progress
panel that appears to make sure it is doing something. It took a little
while before it completed in my case. At the end of the Log display
(that shows up when you press "View Log") it will tell you where it
downloaded the items to. It will be in <your GLI user
folder, as it was for me.

I have 2 pdf files in there as well as an oai file.

All going well, this works for you in the same manner.