Re: [greenstone-users] How to search exact phrase in Full TextIndex

From Belinda Randolph
DateTue, 08 May 2007 09:16:55 -0700
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] How to search exact phrase in Full TextIndex
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I just want to confirm something. If the document was a Word
Document, and the phrase "about 1895" was in the actual Word Document
and not in the dc.Description, would the search on "about 1895" pull
up this word document?

What can you tell me about the search engine in general? Does it do
ranking? How do you like the user interface for the searching? Did
it meet your needs?


At 07:51 AM 5/8/2007, you wrote:
>I experimented on one of our collections and using double quotes
>seems to work. I have a document (image) that has the phrase "about
>1895" in the dc.Description and I would pull this up when searching
>on that phrase. I tried reversing the words in the phrase to "1895
>about" and searching and I didn't get anything, so I know it's
>searching exact phrase, not all of the words (logical AND) or some
>of the words (logical OR). Try something like this and see what you
>come up with.
>- Gavin
> >>> cyberarian <> 05/08/07 1:31 AM >>>
>Dear All
>Can anyone guide me how to search the exact pharase in Search Page of any
>digital library developed in GSDL? For example we use double quotes in most
>of search engines to search the exact phrase.
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