[greenstone-users] Problems listing non-consecutively numbered volumes in a collection

From Benjamin Weaver
DateMon, 11 Apr 2005 20:50:48 +0100 (BST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Problems listing non-consecutively numbered volumes in a collection
Hello Greenstone staff,

I am running a test version of Greenstone 2.53. I am experiencing a certain
problem as I try to build a collection that includes volumes numbered non-
consecutively. The Greenstone hierarchical list generation process is
creating empty list items for entries not actually in the collection,
assigning fictitious volume numbers that fall in between one non-consecutive
volume and another.

For example, the first two volumes in the collection are numbered 19 and 26.
Icons representing these 2 volumes appear correctly in the hierarchical list,
with clickable icons expanding into lists of the several texts contained in
each of these volumes.

But also included in the top-level list of volumes, between 19 and 26, are 6
non-expandable, null entries, represented by text icons instead of by the
proper volume icon. I am presuming that these 6 entries are generated by
Greenstone's presumption of a consecutive list running from 19 through 26.
This pattern is repeated for other non-consecutive numberings in the

Nothing in our hierarchical build.txt file supplies these additional volume

How might we coax Greenstone to build only the non-consecutively numbered
volumes, and to refrain from filling in the fictitious volumes?

Thanks for your help in advance,

Ben Weaver

Benjamin Weaver
Researcher, Imaging Papyri Project/The Herculaneum Society
email: benjamin.weaver@classics.oxford.ac.uk
phone: (0)1865 288260