[greenstone-devel] gs-2.52 (Unix) - display problem

From Beth Nicol
DateMon, 29 Nov 2004 16:35:09 -0600
Subject [greenstone-devel] gs-2.52 (Unix) - display problem
Deryck and I just upgrade the AU Libraries server - his sheetmusic looks
great. but, the other collections (including the demo collection) have
developed an "issue"....

The image for the item in the center of the navbar goes missing when you
are on that page...

For ezample: a navbar with three items: search authors a-z filenames
- when you go to authors a-z listing, the green image is MIA.

In the demo collection, titles a-z is in the center (there are 5 items)
- and the titles a-z is the one that goes MIA.

Any ideas? You can see this miscreant behaviour in action at
http://diglib.auburn.edu/gsdl/cgi-bin/library - pick any collection
other than the Piano Bench, and select whichever item is in the center
of the navbar.