[greenstone-devel] 2.83 binary install on hosted Ubuntu 10

From Beth Nicol
DateWed Oct 27 02:32:24 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] 2.83 binary install on hosted Ubuntu 10
I am trying to install the 2.83 binary distribution on a hosted Ubuntu 10

I have uploaded the Greenstone-2.83-linux file; made it executable. But when
I run it, I get the following:

Creating temp directory...
Extracting installer jar...
Preparing Greenstone installer...
/bin/sh: ./jre_bin: not found
Failed to extract the bundled java archive to the temp directory
You need the tar program on your PATH

I have checked (env) and tar is indeed in my path. (which tar? /bin/tar and
/bin is in my path)

Is this a misleading message? perhaps java or some part of jre is MIA?

The files are being written to /tmp (as indicated in the docs).

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