[greenstone-users] Digital Image Collections And CoolIris

From Gavin Spomer
DateThu Sep 25 04:29:10 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Digital Image Collections And CoolIris
Hello folks,

A while back I discovered a nifty web browser plugin called CoolIris (named Piclens back then) which allows you view images at certain sites in a unique and fantastic way. The other day I revisited the CoolIris site (http://www.cooliris.com) ( http://www.cooliris.com) ) as I have a new computer and wanted to install the plugin into all my browsers. I followed a link labled "Enable your website" and found that it was easy as including a .rss feed file and a <link> tage in a page's header to enable it. Sweet!

I then wrote a perl script that crawled/read the Greenstone collect directory tree on our digital archives server and constructed .rss files for each collection. I then added the appropriate link tag to GSDL Error macro in style.dm and now all our collections are CoolIris enabled! :) If you wish to check it out, go to the CoolIris site, download/install the plugin and view our collections at:


There are CoolIris plugins for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Flock. The download link should detect your browser and let you know if CoolIris will install in it. I found that there isn't a version for Opera. There's also searches within CoolIris for Google Images, Flickr, YouTube (yes, it does video too) and others. There's a few other features too. Fun to play with!

If there are enough people interested in doing this with their Greenstone image collections, I may carve out some time to make my perl script more user-friendly and universal as I wrote it specific to our installation. You're free to use my perl code and edit it yourself if you like, just email me.
Gavin Spomer
Systems Programmer
Brooks Library
Central Washington University

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