[greenstone-users] GREENSTONE basis of - OPEN DIGITAL PUBLIC LIBRARY

From Cameron Esslemont
DateSun, 23 Nov 2003 17:28:05 +1100
Subject [greenstone-users] GREENSTONE basis of - OPEN DIGITAL PUBLIC LIBRARY

I write to you in your capacity as Greenstone Users / Developers.


Global Library Services Network (GLSN) has been involved with Greenstone for some time and will release a ?managed infrastructure? for the creation, deployment, sharing, management and storage of digital libraries to remote communities.


I say remote "guardedly" as this has both a geographic and telecommunications dimension.


I say library ?guardedly? as users have many different expectations? we call them PULSE LIBRARIES ? small, relevant, up to date, modular and flexible enough to be integrated into larger libraries  


In the Library Build phase we have created a Librarian?s Front End that supports:


 - Extended Dublin Core Metadata

 - Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)

- Various Copyright Licensing Models

   (Creative Commons see http://creativecommons.org/)

- Flexibility in Library layout in terms of metadata used for classification


We have included the automatic support for several types / formats of entity:


- Word


- Html

- Rich html

- Powerpoint

- Excel

- Audio / Video

- Flash

- FlipBooks

- Java applets (general)

- Crosswords

- Multiple Choice Questions


We will continue at add additional support as required by our user group


Once the Libraries are built they can be deployed using various mechanisms:


 - normal Internet download with authentication and file management

- collection at a Digital Node

  (a point on the communications backbone that has good bandwidth)

- innovative last mile strategies

  (using a variety of last mile solutions - memory stick, removable disk)

- through satellite (datacasting) (vertical band interleaving)

  (here we have concluded trials with WorldSpace using AsiaStar and AfricaStar)


The user benefits in that they can:


- use the Libraries offline

- they have full text search capability with integrated glossary support

  (the glossaries work on the basis that the base material DOES NOT have to be pre worked)

  (the hyper-linking occurs dynamically on opening the html page)

  (also works from copyboard for word, pdf etc.)

- have their libraries updated through the same mechanism

  (the updates are normally much smaller files)

  (user has the choice to download full library or update and compile on local system)

  (update involves addition / removal of material and structural change)

- have multi-lingual support at the administration and article level


We are based in Australia and are now undertaking some final deployment trials, and we invite you to try the system.


Currently it is a Central Cataloguing / Central Storage model, but we will release in January a Central Cataloguing / Distributed Storage model


How does the business plan work:


There are two parts


Part A:

The Community Library is free to all, the CLIENT can be downloaded and distributed to any location. ( see www.glsn.com)


In terms of CONTENT we will be looking for organisation like yourselves to add / offer quality content to the Library.  Please note that it is a Library in the Global Context and your material might not be deemed suitable for what we are trying to achieve. Please do not be disappointed.


In terms of deployment we hope to be able to fund the broad deployment using various strategies of digital nodes and the broadcast satellite. 


As to translations and multi-language support. We would like to start work with suitable partners who can move this forward. For details please contact admin@glsn.com with details of your organisation and how you believe you can help.


In terms of support we will be looking for suitable partners in every country to support the local advancement of the Library and support their local language implementation.  For details please contact admin@glsn.com with details of your organisation and how you believe you can help.


Part B:

The system can also be used for Private Library Networks and here we charge a nominal fee to the Library Owner. We have installed the first two systems in Universities in Australia for use internally on their INTRANET and to support remote students. For details please contact admin@glsn.com and we will forward details.



There is a lot more to tell you but it is perhaps better that you try it out.





We look forward to your comments. We will be establishing an ?Advisory Board for the Community Library ? Library Workflow and Standards and Technology? in due course to help us move forward. If you wish to participate in our BLOG please send your details (email address) and we will send you an invitation.


Cameron Esslemont
Global Library Services Network

Please visit us at www.glsn.com