Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie questions

From George Buchanan
DateTue, 25 Nov 2003 13:47:19 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie questions
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> We have a collecton of photographs we have scanned
> and I have been able to create a Greenstone database
> from several of them.

> Is it possible to add text to describe these photos after
> the database has been created?
...not readily - the thing to do would be to rebuild the database - as you
are working with images, that should be a relatively quick process. How
many images are we talking about here?

I'm afraid that I'm slightly unsure as to the effect that you want to
achieve. Greenstone thinks of the world in terms of 'documents', and here I
have the impression that you would like something like having the photograph
with the prose concerning it following underneath when a user views the
photograph. This would mean that a "document" consists of a photograph and
the text about it - is this something like your intention?

Also, in what way can one tell which text is related to which photograph -
does this text already exist, or are you intending to write it? If it is
already written, which format is it in - HTML, text, other?

> Also, I have a separate text file of comments on these
> photographs, is it possible to merge these files during
> the database building process?
Right, here again I'm not quite sure of the effect you wish - would there be
a single comments text file for each document? How is the comments file
formatted? Would you wish the comments to appear as part of the
"document" - adding a third element to the outline I gave above - or as a
separate document in their own right?

I believe that it is possible to create the effect that you wish, but there
are a number of methods that are probably relevant, and I'd rather give you
more detailed information on the most relevant ones than bombard you with a
complex and time-consuming response.

George Buchanan
Research Fellow
New Zealand Digital Library Group