Re: [greenstone-devel] Oops! browsefilter errors

From George Buchanan
DateThu, 13 Nov 2003 09:39:02 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Oops! browsefilter errors
In-Reply-To (20031111194730-GA18143-mercycorps-org)
> I'm in the process of moving from 2.38 to 2.40 am getting errors
> when trying to click links that are in a html document that is in
> a collection. When I click the link I get:

...there are a number of error messages here, which together suggest that
Greenstone is having problems accessing the database - e.g. finding the
'browse' node. I'm wondering what is happening here, too!

> > queryaction::search_single_collections: call to QueryFilter failed for
pdftes collection (system problem)
> > Error: call to filter failed for CL4 in OIDtools::get_children (protocol
> I don't understand the reference to a "pdftes collection", as it is not
> one of my collections.
...could you send me the URL of the page that generates this fault? (just
copy it out of your browser window) - having thought about this overnight, I
wonder if the parameters to the library executable have got messed up. I
don't need to be able to view the actual page from here, but having the
whole URL (and it will be long!) may allow me to make sense of what is
happening here.

> Any ideas where the problem might be?
...I think the parameters in the URL have got corrupted.