Re: [greenstone-users] WARNING: List::classify called multiple timesfor xxxxxx

From Katherine Don
DateWed, 26 Nov 2003 09:51:45 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] WARNING: List::classify called multiple timesfor xxxxxx
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Hi Richard

This warning is printed if classify is called more than once for the same
doc id. Either one document is being passed to classify more than once or
two documents have the same id (not sure if this can happen or not).
Anyway, it just means that the second time it is asked to classify the
document it will ignore it. So you should still get the classifier

If you are not getting a classifier appearing at all, then there is probably
something else going wrong.
You could check the doc.xml files in the archives directory - do they have
unique Identifier metadata, and do they actually have the metadata that you
are trying to build a List on?
You could try setting the verbosity to 4 when you build the collection to
see if there are any other errors.

If you can't work it out you can send me your config file and a couple of
sample documents, and metadata.xml files if you are using them.
Also helpful will be what version of greenstone are you using and how are
you building your collections (command line, collector, librarian

Katherine Don

Richard Gartner wrote:

> Could anyone tell me what this warning means during It seems
> to cause problems for the subject index for the collection in question,
> which doesn't appear at all (no even the subjects button) after building.
> Thanks
> Richard
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