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From Katherine Don
DateWed, 26 Nov 2003 13:53:41 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Display Multiple Values, ThumbIcon
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Just a follow up to point 1. I have just discovered that the functionality for displaying multiple metadata values has recently been added in to Greenstone. The syntax in the format statements is
[sibling:Subject] or [sibling(All'<br>'):Subject]
The first version will display all the Subject values separated by a space, the second will separate the values by <br> (or whatever is between the '')

This will be available in the next release of Greenstone, which should be ready next week, or the week after at the latest.

Katherine Don

Katherine Don wrote:

hi Joel

1. Greenstone is bad at handling multiple values for metadata - i.e. it doesn't. This is something we have been intending to add, but haven't yet :-( which doesn't help you much.
The way we have got around this in the past is to edit the plugins that are being used, to make an extra metadata field - eg in your case, have dc.Subject and perhaps dc.Subjects, which has all the subject values appended together separated by <br>.

2. Your version of greenstone has a bug in ImagePlug - have a look through the code - its in gsdl/perllib/plugins/, and find where it assigns the thumbicon metadata.

$doc_obj->add_metadata ($section, "thumbicon", "<img src=/gsdl/collect/gsarch/index/assoc/[assocfilepath]/[Thumb] width=[ThumbWidth] height=[ThumbHeight>");

There is a missing ] at the end of ThumbHeight. Add that in and reimport and build the collection.

Hope this helps
Katherine Don
Joel Abrams wrote:

Hello all, I'm using Greenstone with my MLS class on Digital Libraries at Simmons College in Boston.  We're putting together a sample digital library, and I've got two questions that I can't seem to get answers in the docs for: 1) How does one display multiple values for a metadata field?  IE, we've got documents that have more than one value of DC.Subject, and I'd like to display all the values, with a <br> in between. 2) When using [ThumbIcon] to display the thumbnail, there is no "height" value going into the <IMG> tag that is generated.  It just goes to "height=" and then doesn't even provide a right-bracket.  The thumbnails are being generated with ImagePlug. We're using v 2.40 on a Linux installation. Thanks for any help,Joel

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