Re: Order of sorting at second level

From Stefan Boddie
DateTue, 4 Feb 2003 15:29:53 +1300
Subject Re: Order of sorting at second level
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Hi Alison,

Sorry for the very slow response to this.

I believe the -sort option to the Hierarchy classifier will solve this
problem. That is, I assume you use the Hierarchy classifier to create your
subjects listing, with a classify line in your collect.cfg file something
like the following:

classify Hierarchy -hfile sub.txt -metadata Subject

You should add a -sort option, something like:

classify Hierarchy -hfile sub.txt -metadata Subject -sort Title

You will of course need to rebuild your collection after making this change.
Let me know if this doesn't solve the problem.


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Subject: Order of sorting at second level

> Hello there,
> I noticed that all items under a classifier are sorted alphabetically.
> However, the items in each group are not sorted at all. For example, we
> have Subject as a classifier, and it has the list in the alphabetical
> Awards -- Brazil
> Big bands -- United States
> Brazil -- Armed Forces
> Broadcasters -- United States -- District of Columbia -- Washington
> Chaplains
> Clarinet
> Double bass
> Flute
> Guitar
> ...
> If you click on Guitar, you will see a list of titles, which has no
> particular order. (See our Felix E. Grant Collection at
> Is there any way to sort the sub-list alphabetically by title?
> Thank you!
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