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> My first question:
> Stefan Boddie wrote (05.03.2002; mailing archiv) the solution for create
> authorised users for protected collections. But the answer is a bit of a
> half-truth:if I start the server.exe (lokal version) I have no problem and
> get the request for an user/password BUT if I start the Web-Version
> (library.exe) I get an debug error and I can't start gsdl.
> Do you have any idea? or the solution!
> I compiled greenstone with: MS Studio 6.0 and I have followed the
> in the install.txt (at the %grennstone_home% path)

This runtime error is most likely caused by a bug in the
gsdlsrcrecptcgiwrapper.cpp source file provided with gsdl-2.38. Try
commenting out the line that reads "cerr = errout;".

> My second question:
> Hello,
> I even change the greenstone version 2.37 to 2.38 and I has some problems
> WORD documents.
> With the " import " of WORD-files I get in both versions a warning output
> the text will be imported with UTF-8 and not in iso_8859_1.
> In version 2.37 I have never seen a mistake an so I ignored this warning.
> But in the new version (2.38) I have no contend in the html link for the
> documents (the documents are empty).

As described in a previous message, wvWare (the word to html converter
greenstone uses) is broken in gsdl-2.38. More specifically, it depends on
cygwin being installed in order to work properly. Try downloading and
installing cygwin from and see if the problem
importing word files persists. You can safely ignore the warning about text
being imported as UTF-8 and not iso-8859-1.