RE: Contextual searching

From Juhé, Albert
DateFri, 7 Feb 2003 08:29:02 +0100
Subject RE: Contextual searching
Hi Tim,

Greenstone based on mg 1.3, don't suport the NEAR operator. There is a C++
version of mg, called mgpp that suports the NEAR operator. I think that
Greenstone are developing a new version of Greenstone based on mgpp, that
supports it.

I'm a developer, and I'm buildind an Querier based on mg indexes, programmed
in C++ (STL), but with the add of NEAR operator. This Querier is a dll. I
haven't finished yet, the NEAR operator.


>Hi everyone
>I have just subscribed to greenstone_devl as I am a programmer of sorts
>and have begun to use Greenstone for a few projects.
>Does the Greenstone search engine allow contextual searching? E.g. find
>a word or phrase within a certain distance of another word or phrase? If
>not, how hard would it be to extend Greenstone in that direction?
>Tim Finney