Re: Customizing the top bits of a document

From Tod Olson
DateWed, 05 Feb 2003 09:07:37 -0600
Subject Re: Customizing the top bits of a document
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>>>>> "SB" == Stefan Boddie <> writes:

SB> Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner, it looks like you sorted it
SB> all out though. Did you end up doing all this as described
SB> (i.e. through the DocumentText format string) or did you have a
SB> play in the C++ code?

It's all in DocumentText, using some special metadata for PrevPgID and
NextPgID. My DocumentText string is now nearly 4KB. Obviously I
would really like finer control over the DocumentContent stuff.

One lingering question: How can I get the number of pages (Sections)
into the DocumentText? The DocumentContent, both outline and page
turning versions, displays something like ".... (17 pages)." The
relevant macro, no. of pages: from, uses a _1_ macro that
seems to have no expansion in the context of DocumentText. Maybe
there's some system-supplied metadata? Something similar to
[numleafdocs], but that gives the number of sections in the current

SB> Anyway, it's looking very nice. Is there any chance we can add
SB> this to our list of Greenstone examples
SB> ( at some point?

Thank you. We are just days away from "soft launch," at which point
we'll be ready to be listed as an example. I'll let you know.

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