Re: Sort order for search results?

From Tod Olson
DateTue, 11 Feb 2003 12:46:58 -0600
Subject Re: Sort order for search results?
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>>>>> "SB" == Stefan Boddie <> writes:

>> A couple questions about search results have come up at our site:
>> 1. How are search results sorted? Do we have any control over the sort
>> order? Our site is currently use mg, though we plan to experiment
>> with mgpp once some other issues are resolved, if that makes a
>> difference.

SB> If you do a "some" search (also known as "ranked" if you're in
SB> advanced query mode) mg returns the results in "ranked"
SB> order. That is, it attempts to work out which documents best
SB> matched your query and presents the best matches first. If you do
SB> an "all" search (otherwise known as "boolean") the search results
SB> are returned in build order. That is, the order in which the
SB> documents were processed by is the order in which
SB> they'll be returned. If you want complete control over the
SB> ordering of your search results your only option is to force your
SB> users to do boolean searches and manipulate the order in which the
SB> documents in your collection are built. There's an option to
SB> called "-sortmeta" that might help in altering the build
SB> order.

Heh, using -sortmeta on my TitleIdx metadata (normalized form of
Title: funny chars removed) yields search results in Z-A order rather
than A-Z. So the results are sorted, but I can't really deploy like

If this works out, I may interested in forcing boolean, but not
certain how. Setting "cgiarg shortname=t argdefault=0" in main.cfg
doesn't do it.

>> 2. We want to change the default maximum documents returned by a
>> search from 50 to all documents matching the search. Similarly, we
>> want to change the default hits per page to show all hits on one
>> page. [...]

SB> Add the following lines to your gsdl/etc/main.cfg file

SB> cgiarg shortname=m argdefault=-1
SB> cgiarg shortname=o argdefault=-1

SB> This should make the "m" (maximum documents) and "o" (hits per
SB> page) options default to -1 (unlimited). I can't actually remember
SB> if -1 works for these options. If it doesn't, try making them
SB> default to 1000000 or something instead.

-1 does the trick. Thanks!