RE: Adding images (JPG and GIF's) to a Greenstone collection inst alled on a Windows 2000 server

From Tod Olson
DateFri, 14 Feb 2003 12:18:27 -0600
Subject RE: Adding images (JPG and GIF's) to a Greenstone collection inst alled on a Windows 2000 server
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>>>>> "JM" == Joe Mantione <Mantione> writes:

JM> It was driving me nuts that I couldn't get any images loaded in. I
JM> suspected it there must have been a work-around. In short you
JM> don't load your images into Greenstone you load html pages with
JM> links to the images, correct?

Basically. We actually produce directly the format that
stores in the archive, so GAPlug is all we need. But we started with
just HTML pages until we figured some things out.

JM> two other short questions:

JM> 1) Are you using the Unix or Windows version?

Unix. Linux test box, FreeBSD production.

JM> 2) Do you have a work-around for deleting an object in the
JM> collection. My understanding from the manuals and the listserv is
JM> that you must first delete the collection, remove the object from
JM> the import folder then rebuild the collection. Is there anyway to
JM> accomplish this from within the web interface?

Not that I'm aware of. Greenstone appears to be designed for adding
stuff to collections, but not taking it away (which seems reasonable
to me).

Also, I used the Collector (the web UI) while I was getting familiar
with Greenstone, but haven't touched it for awhile. I can only see
using it if non-technical people need to stuff. For my own
convenience, I wrote a Makefile to automate building and moving
indices into place.

JM> Incidently I love your city: [...]

Thanks. I'm fond of it myself. (I am, of course, personally
responsible for all of the civic features that you enjoy. Bwah, ha,

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