Re: A question about development

From Tod Olson
DateWed, 26 Feb 2003 10:53:51 -0600
Subject Re: A question about development
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>>>>> "miz2" == miz2 <> writes:

miz2> If we have only one Greenstone environment that is for both
miz2> production and development, is there a way to do development
miz2> without showing it to public?

An individual collection can be removed from the public eye (i.e., not
show up in the default home page) by fiddling with the value of
"public" in its collect.cfg. Hiding modifications to the .dm macro
files can only be done, I think, if you make the changes specific to a
collection using "[c=collection_name]" in the macro definitions.

That said, I'd really suggest a test environment. I've been using
separate test and prod environments, and can strongly recommend it.
You could run the test env. on the same machine, but from a different

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