Re: Greenstone Install problem

From Gordon Paynter
DateTue, 4 Feb 2003 19:26:14 -0800 (PST)
Subject Re: Greenstone Install problem
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Hi all,

Here's my last few notes about installing Greenstone on Debian SID (x86).

I wrote:
> I had one other problem compiling Greenstone from CVS source on Debian
> SID with gcc3.2 and perl5.8.0. Sorry for not reporting this earlier.
> It was the Expat module again (in $GSDLHOME/pacakges/cpan). It looks
> like there are a few changes to the way Makefile.PL files are generated
> which means that some Perl::XMLParser files are no longer installed in
> the right place.

The exact problem is that the man pages were being installed in the
/usr/lib/man directories because SITEPREFIX was not set correctly.

What I wound up doing was changing $GSDLHOME/pacakges/configure. On the
line after this one:

cd "$PACKAGES/cpan/XML-Parser-2.27"

I changed the command from:

perl Makefile.PL "$GSDLHOME"



But since this really seems like a bug in the cpan MakeMaker modules
generators, I decided not to commit it, just in case it is picked up in
future versions of perl.

(An alternative solution is to tweak the variables explicitly set towards
the end of PACKAGES/cpan/XML-Parser-2.27/Makefile.PL, which is slightly
more graceful, but would require a new, specialised XML-Parser-2.27.tar.gz

Anyway, make of this what you will.