Indexer problem: Broken Pipe

From Leon Messerschmidt
DateMon, 10 Feb 2003 16:03:00 -0200
Subject Indexer problem: Broken Pipe

I've got a problem with the Greenstone indexer: When I run
"" it stops after _exactly_ 2048 records. The only message
is "Broken Pipe" - no further information is given. I've have tried it
with different records and different combinations of records. Always
the same effect.

Even more confusing is that if I add an index for document:Title in my
collect.cfg file it works fine, but the above error occurs whenever I
use any other metadata field. Any metadata field on its own or in
combination with document:Title causes the error.

I added some debug lines in the perl code and the error seems to
originate from GAPlug. My Perl knowledge is a bit limited, and I can't
seem to isolate the problem.

I tried to increase the limit for open files as well as processes on my
system, but it had no effect. I'm using a Debian Linux based system.

Is there anyone that can point me to the right direction?

~ Leon