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From pita turei
DateThu, 13 Feb 2003 07:54:48 +1300
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please remove me from your list

Stefan Boddie wrote:

Hi Tod,

Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner, it looks like you sorted it all out
though. Did you end up doing all this as described (i.e. through the
DocumentText format string) or did you have a play in the C++ code?

Anyway, it's looking very nice. Is there any chance we can add this to our
list of Greenstone examples
( at some point?


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Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 8:24 AM
Subject: Customizing the top bits of a document

> We are getting ready to soft-launch a collection of scores, and I've
> been asked to seriously alter some bits at the top of the document,
> right below the navbar.  It mostly boils down to this question:
> Is there a way to reference the document-level Title metadata from
> within the collect.cfg macros, even when displaying a subsection?
> The longer explanation.  Here's a sample document (which I may be
> experimenting on shortly):
> Below the navbar there are document title and document page turning
> area. (These are partially controlled by the DocumentHeading and
> DocumentContents format options in the collect.cfg).  I'm supposed to
> keep the document title the same, but change the page turner to be
> something like:
>      (22 images)
>     < Prev  Next >
> The hitch is that the page turner appears to be controlled by the C++
> code, and not very tweakable by the macro files.  For example, in the
> link above, the page turning looks something like
>     < 5 [_][go to image] 7 >
> The 5 and 7 are taken by the C++ code from the Title metadata for the
> previous and next document sections.  So, unless I tweak the
> receptionist, I think I need to push all of this stuff into the
> DocumentText format string in collect.cfg.
> I can provide page id metadata for the previous and next pages, and so
> should be able to build my own page turning within the DocumentText
> format string.  But then how do I provide the document title?  Is
> there a way to reference the document-level Title metadata from within
> the collect.cfg macros?
> Anyone have a better idea for how to tackle this?
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