RE: Adding images (JPG and GIF's) to a Greenstone collection inst alled on a Windows 2000 server

From Mantione, Joe
DateFri, 14 Feb 2003 12:24:34 -0500
Subject RE: Adding images (JPG and GIF's) to a Greenstone collection inst alled on a Windows 2000 server
Thanks Tod:
It was driving me nuts that I couldn't get any images loaded in. I
suspected it there must have been a work-around. In short you don't load
your images into Greenstone you load html pages with links to the images,

two other short questions:

1) Are you using the Unix or Windows version?

2) Do you have a work-around for deleting an object in the collection. My
understanding from the manuals and the listserv is that you must first
delete the collection, remove the object from the import folder then rebuild
the collection. Is there anyway to accomplish this from within the web

Incidently I love your city:
Last summer I was there for some training and saw your philharmonic
play near Grant fountain (don't remember the name of the ampithreatre). It
was a splice of heaven. The year before that I was there for the ALA
conference and went to the 'Taste of Chicago'. I ate so much I was glad they
were giving away Pepsid samples.


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Subject: Re: Adding images (JPG and GIF's) to a Greenstone collection
installe d on a Windows 2000 server

>>>>> "JM" == Joe Mantione <Mantione> writes:

JM> We have Greenstone installed on a Windows 2000 server. We are
JM> trying to import a collection of jpg images (taken from a digital
JM> camera) and some gif images without success. On page 36 of the
JM> Developers manual it says that the 'ImagePlug' is only available
JM> on the Unix version. Is this why. We don't want to extract any
JM> metadata from the jpg's, just include them in the collection. What
JM> we are after is very similar in nature to the Chopin Collection at
JM> U Chicago. Is there a work-around we are missing?

Our Chopin collection is more than just images, though. We have
metadata for both the description (e.g., publisher) and the structure
of the document (e.g., order of page images). We use this to produce
Greenstone Archive documents (the GS internal storage format) which
have searchable metadata and sections for each page image in the
virtual score. These GS Archive documents are what we load into
Greenstone. These documents contain URLs to link to the images, but
images themselves are not loaded into Greenstone. I can send you some
samples off the list if that would be of use.

I would suggest generating HTML (or GS archive) documents that include
the images as <img> tags and contain whatever metadata you want to
search or browse by. Loading those should be straightforward.

Please let me know if I'm missing the mark here.

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