Reinstalled Windows Greenstone server as Web Library on d:progra msgsdl. Images import! Still can't see them on the file menu

From Mantione, Joe
DateMon, 17 Feb 2003 11:15:33 -0500
Subject Reinstalled Windows Greenstone server as Web Library on d:progra msgsdl. Images import! Still can't see them on the file menu

I am definitely making progress thanks to your direction.

I reinstalled Greenstone under d:programsgsdl instead of the
default d:program filesgsdl so that the imagemagick convert.exe will not
have a space in the import filename.

Images are now importing! For every image imported, gsdl created a
thumbnail.gif and screenview.jpg file in a hash####.dir directory under
both the indexassoc and archives subdirectory trees. It looks promising.

We still can't see the filenames on the filename menu. Is there any
way to get them to display them on the menu without building metadata.xml.
Metadata.xml is the next logical step but I'd like to see this thing show a
picture before we invest in data entry.

This is where we are so far:


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From: Gordon Paynter []
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 1:10 PM
Subject: Re: ImageMagick installed on Windows Greenstone server at UB.
Still c annot import graphics.

Hi Joe,

> ImagePlug: "D:Program
> FilesgsdlcollectPAMimport1936-PA-Tony-Zappone.jpg" contains a
> space. choking.
> ImagePlug: couldn't process "D:Program
> FilesgsdlcollectPAMimport1936-PA-Tony-Zappone.jpg"
> This wouldn't have anytime to do with the fact that Greenstone is
> installed in the "Program Files" tree? It can't be that obvious.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it is exactly that obvious. ImagePlug
cannot handle spaces in the path or filename of imported files.

(As I recall, this restriction was a hack that either Stef or (more
likely) I added because of problems executing programs like convert when
there were spaces in the filenames. Since we all use Linux, and don't
encounter this problem often, we decided to avoid it rather than solving
it. We really should do something about it though...)

There are thre things you might do about this (in order of increasing

1. Move your source files (i.e. your "import" directory) to a new Folder
with no spaces in the path (e.g. c:data) and tell Greenstone to import
thre files from here instead of the default location using the "importdir"
argument. You do this by adding a line that contains something like
"importdir c:data" to your collect.cfg file (I've never done this under
windows, only linux, but I think that ought to work). You could at least
try it out pretty easily.

2. Re-install Greenstone somewhere with no spaces in the paths.

3. Fix the plugin (or convince someone else to do it -- if you email
Stefan and ask nicely he might put it on the to-do list for the next