[greenstone-devel] Digital library in welsh

From Ramesh
DateMon, 16 Jun 2003 18:30:51 +0530
Subject [greenstone-devel] Digital library in welsh

Hello GSDL Developers,


I am Ramesh and I work for IQura Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are Bangalore based company with customers in US and UK. Right now we are working on a project where we have to digitize the books and put it on the website. Our project (website) runs on Windows 2000 server. We are evaluating few available options. One of them is the Green Stone.
We are planning to build digital libraries in Welsh and English. Please let us know useful information/documentation which may help us doing the job with ease. 



Ramesh Naropanth
IQura Technologies Pvt Ltd
5/1-87, Hosur Road, Madiwala
Bangalore - 560 068